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From june/july 2020 you'll find HERE  "De Schepper's Reality-Live Video-Content"


As a connoisseur, you'll know De Schepper (The Creator) from series like , published under the label SEVENTEEN. De Schepper was a student of the legendary Horny Harry, who made Excuse Me, Abuse Me and so on.

All that was some years ago - what happend meanwhile?

De Schepper worked on himself, created a brandnew, never-seen-before Reality-Video line with titles like "Peep Me",  "Focus Me" and some others more which are still a secret, even we don't know the titles up to now!

But one thing we know for sure:

he will publish his series exclusively HERE, on Voyeurodam.com! All series will contain Reality-films and picture-galleries, and of course they are all downloadable.

We were able to elicit these 2 covers from him, and a tiny bit of film-material, where he seemed to prepare himself for one of his series.


                    PLACEHOLDER VIDEO (to come)

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